Using an eBiz Answers Oracle R12 of Fusion Tax Solution could save you $600,000 a year

eBiz Answers prides itself on improving efficiency and trying to eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

Recent studies have shown that we can save on average 1 to 5 days a month on indirect tax procedures from invoice entry, tax processing and tax reporting.

For a project of 40 countries globally with an average employee cost of $250 a day, the following are the estimated savings per month!

0.5 days saving per month for 40 countries
@$250 per person per day = $60,000 a year
1 days savings per month for 40 countries
@$250 per person per day = $120,000 a year
5 days savings per month for 40 countries
@$250 per person per day = $600,000 a year!
Even for a 5 country roll out with 2.5 days savings per month the yearly savings would be almost $40,000

The real saving however is the fact that you will no longer get any fines because you will have such a solid tax solution that the tax group can monitor and track every transaction going through, identifying the tax issues immediately as they appear.

Andrew Bohnet
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Andrew Bohnet

Managing Director and Oracle Fusion Tax / eBTax expert at eBiz Answers Ltd
Andrew Bohnet is the current chair for the Oracle Tax Management SIG. He founded eBiz Answers to offer clients complete tax solutions making the most of the rich functionality of the R12 and Fusion tax modules. Whether it is analysis, design, configuration or support, eBiz Answers provide an unparalleled service when it comes to a complete tax solution. Having worked on one of the first Oracle R12 implementations in Europe, Andrew was exposed to the tax module early on and worked closely with Oracle to fix bugs, enhance functionality and present on numerous occasions on the subject of tax and Oracle. When it comes to presenting on eBTax, you wont find a more experienced consultant outside of Oracle.
Andrew Bohnet
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