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I have worked with Andrew for just over a year now and am delighted with the work carried out by him. 

We were preparing to implement a new accounting system that offered us a VAT solution that no one properly understood and Andrew was hired at the eleventh hour to help us with the VAT configuration of Oracle Accounts Payable and E-tax.

Andrew’s excellent knowledge of Oracle AP and how it is designed and deals with VAT reporting and accounting combined with his knowledge of how the VAT system works in the UK and Ireland helped us significantly in getting the E-tax engine configuration correct for our very complicated Legal Entity structure to ensure VAT is correctly accounted for and recovered.

 Andrew was able to quickly identify the main configuration areas and how these were linked to our processes and accounting requirements and ensured that when Oracle was fully implemented by us it was configured correctly for VAT accounting on day 1.

Andrew’s ability to manage the high volume and technically demanding workload that was required of him during this project has been huge and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as ‘’the’’ E-Tax Expert.

Shona Aitchison
VAT Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland



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